Dear Martha

I don’t think I ever met an angel in human form until I met you this week. Like the Bible said The Word is to us, you were a lamp to my feet. I just remember…you talking to me…and I remember, just crying. Dear Martha, wherever you are…wherever you go…thank you…for living. Thank you for […]


Condom NEGotiation

Hey there pretty lady…what’s it like to sit in silence? With a voice as bold as you are, a body as beautiful as you yours…you deserve every right in your bones to speak up. Without any fear of stigma or endless thoughts of “Oh, I trust him”. It doesn’t always have to be infidelity…what happens […]


Hidden Issues

All I cared about was the way I looked in the mirror and when I could jump my next…bone. Sipping for every occasion, feenin’ for every celebration…spending a lifetime running from inner turmoil and abrasions. Once, I didn’t give a fuck. The way I saw it…I was young. And I’m only getting older…but somebody could’ve […]