Hidden Issues

All I cared about was the way I looked in the mirror and when I could jump my next…bone. Sipping for every occasion, feenin’ for every celebration…spending a lifetime running from inner turmoil and abrasions. Once, I didn’t give a fuck. The way I saw it…I was young. And I’m only getting older…but somebody could’ve […]


Don’t Go Lookin’ For Love

“I’m the one to blame…Ain’t no lovin’ me. So, don’t come lookin’ for love” Dear Young Dia, I think you always struggled with just wanting attention…loaning the pits of your heart for anyone to linger…loaning the pits of your garden to anyone’s fingers…trading the lies of your confidence to your insecurities…it’s no wonder I jumped […]


Week 10, Day 4: Justifying Positivity

Last night was weird. I was up again, thinking about my future, worrying about my possibilities, fearing the unknown. And something told me to “Be Still”. There was a voice in my head. It was calm, it was soothing, it was reassuring. And today I remember it saying, “Adia, I got you.” Now, that could’ve […]