Each month, Dialosophy will feature a “Insecure Girl of the Month”, also known as #IGM. This month, we shine a bright light on: Miss Danielle Nicole Conyers.




Name: Danielle Nicole Conyers

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Age: 22

Favorite Quote: Dia, I really don’t have a favorite quote. 

What does insecurity mean to you? How can you learn to embrace your insecurities? 

Insecurity is a lack of feeling confident. I’m still learning to embrace my insecurities EVERYDAY. I say all the time that I struggle with what I call, “Capricorn Syndrome”, a severe case of being obsessed with success and perfection. Since no one is perfect, I struggle so much with patting my own self on that back, like “Girl! Your work is bomb, you slayed your hair today, or you are absolutely beautiful.” Instead, I find myself beating myself up with things like, “You could have done a lot better on that project.” Or “Yeah. I did good, but it could have been great.”

So, often, I have to have a real talk with myself like, “Danielle, girl calm down you are a 22-year-old COLLEGE student. It is not your job right now in this stage of life to have everything together. Its completely ok not to have your complete life planned out and its absolutely ok to cry from time to time. Live in the moment and enjoy where God has you.”

What does love mean to you ? How do you show this emotion and other actions to yourself ?

I think love is so complex but so simple at the same time. Love is a deep pool of emotions with genuine actions behind it. Love is complete honesty…even if it may hurt. Love is a beautiful gift from God. Self-love is a MAJOR key to staying sane in this crazy world we live in. I show self-love by finding time to do the things that make me happy. Watching youtube videos, making youtube videos, reading, online shopping, and spending time with my family are my favorite ways to show my self some love…and just unwinding from a hectic schedule.

What type of person are you ? What do you love the most about you ?

I’m in a state right now of growth and change. If you asked me who I was a year ago and who I am today…I couldn’t be able to give you the same answer. Today, I find myself to be the type of person who is constantly intrigued with a positive flow of energy. I have finally found this positive flow, and I stay away from anything that may interrupt that flow. I’m the type of person that is focused on my path towards a healthy and fruitful life. I love who I am and who I am becoming. The thing I love most about myself is that no matter what society says I should be …I am true to who I am and what I believe.

Where do I see myself in one year?

In one year, I see myself walking across the graduation stage at the University of South Carolina, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Advertising. Beyond completing undergrad, I really don’t want to box myself in. God has already told me that he has amazing things for me when I finish school, and I have no desire to minimize what he has for me. One thing for sure…I WILL have an open mind and be ready for whatever God has in store for me.




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  • What does insecurity mean to you? What are you insecure about? How can you learn to embrace your insecurities?
  • What does love mean to you? How do you show this emotion and other actions to yourself?
  • What type of person are you? What do you love the most about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in one year?


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